Baltazar Automóveis

Having started out as a simple coachwork making company, and then moving on, during the 1920s, to making bigger vehicles, such as tramways, Baltazar Automóveis was benefited by the plans of the populist dictatorship of Getúlio Vargas, who invested money on the little brazilian firm for it to begin making cars for the masses.

Ever since that very first car, the basic and rugged Experimento Popular 1 (Popular Experiment 1, EP1, for short), Baltazar Automóveis has aimed to fill the needs of the mainstream market, with comfortable, easy to drive, safe and affordable, yet desirable cars.

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#Introducing the 2017 Baltazar Quasar RS325.

As shown here: Automation Detroit Auto Show 2017 [BEST IN SHOW REVEALED] - #84 by Leonardo9613

After the successful introduction of the standard Quasar range at the end of 2016, with several accolades, including being voted as the Best Looking Mainstream Car of 2016 and winning a head to head comparison with tough rivals Saminda and Znopresk, it is now time to present the hot hatch version.

Powered by the same 2.0 engine already present on the US Market Quasar, only now it’s been breathed upon to deliver a staggering 325 hp. All that power is channelled through all four wheels via either a 6-speed manual gearbox or a 7-speed twin clutch automatic. That combination is capable of achieving impressive numbers, such as a 4.8s 0-100 kph (0-62 mph) time and a top speed of nearly 270 kph (167 mph).

All of that for just $28,080


u wot


Not everyone is a tough competitor. :wink:

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Oh, I love timelines :slight_smile: How did you make it? Some special program or just manually in some graphic software?

And the car looks good and is quite interesting, although I wouldn’t say that it’s very drivable :wink:

Awesome to see you starting a new thread. Cannot wait for more of your cars.

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Looks like an excel graph


What vri said, it’s just an excel graph, quite natural given how much I have to work with it. I just used the cumulative bar layout and then tweaked the colours until I was happy.


Ah, how dumb I am. I’m using Google’s counterpart of Excel quite a lot, and I didn’t think about it :smile: Anyway, thanks. I think I may create those for my companies as well :slight_smile:


That car reminds me of a Mk3 Focus RS in terms of design and engineering, although it’s not as powerful or extrovertly styled. But I fully understand why it won the comparison test.

To those of you who seem surprised, you shouldn’t be. That just means you haven’t been here long enough.

Leo has been pretty quiet on the lore company front last year, but even way back from 2014, his cars are real competitors. Znopresk has been around for ages too, and Saminda’s lore is extremely well developed. But never underestimate the cars Baltazar makes for itself.


#Presenting the 2017 Baltazar Quasar

First shown off to the public in the Slipstream Magazine comparison between compact sedans, where it won first prize over Saminda, Microdesigns and Znopresk, the Quasar then went on to win an award for best looking sedan of 2016.

The normal range is comprised of several engines. On the USA, the car is sold with a 2.0 engine, in 3 states of tune, all with VVL and direct injection. The basic car is naturally aspirated, with 163 hp. The second is turbo-charged, with low levels of boost, for 200 hp. And the third has several changes, to increase boost, for a total of 325 hp, as fitted on the RS version.

All cars feature a multilink rear suspension, for improved ride and handling, a raft of safety features and some aluminium outer panels, for lightness and increased efficiency.

#Details of the 2.0 SX trim

#2.0T Premium


The whole Quasar range is incredibly tempting - I’d buy one with my own money if it existed in real life!


We’re 2! Damn, this thing looks good. I’m in love with this Quasar SX, I would own one for sure.


That rear light styling is just sublime. So contemporary yet fresh. This really is one of the best compacts on sale today.


#The 1947 Baltazar EP1

The EP1 is the very first car made by Baltazar. It comes with a 4-cylinder 730 cc engine, with a direct actuated overhead cam and a small eco carburetor, for a total of 27 hp. Enough to get the car from 0-100 km/h in 27.9s and to a top speed of 120 km/h.
From 1947 until 1951, it was available in two trim levels, BS (bog-standard) and S (safe), the difference between the two being the added safety package.
During its life the car received several improvements, such as a bigger 850 cc engine, a radio, better safety equipment, a 5-speed gearbox and even an off-road version, with locking diffs and mud tyres.

Stats will be uploaded after the end of the CSR 31.


#Presenting the Quark Mk1.

#####Shown here in 1974’ 1700GT spec.

After many years in production, the EP1 couldn’t cut it with the more innovative, more modern small cars that were showing up in the mid-70s. Since the Quasar had been a sucess, but was growing for its second generation, that created a gap in the range that required a new, forward-thinking, small car. And that is where the original Quark fits.

With a range of engines and specs that comprised the same engine as fitted in the EP1, here with 850 cc, a brand-new inline 4 engine offered from launch in 1250 cc and 1650 cc guises, with a sporty 1700 cc model coming along a couple of years later, in 1976.

##Versions (please, note, these cars have been made 2 years ago, and I haven’t revised the engines since):

###74’ 1650L

###75’ 850B

###76’ 1700GT


Looks great and IS A FASTBACK! :smiley: Me likey :slight_smile:

Any performance specs for that 1700GT? It looks seriously nippy!

I will have a look, forgot to add those :stuck_out_tongue:

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