Hilbert's Car Museum, 07 Piaggio Fly, '05 Twongi 🌸, '99 Beemer

My favorite scooter, 2009 Yamaha Neo’s

omg is first car, 2001 Opel Astra 1.6 8V

It’s just like the previous Opel, but faster! The 2001 Opel Astra 2.2

And back to 2001 Opel Astra 1.6 8V

And then comes the sensible sedan, 1997 Toyota Corolla 1.3

And the e g g, also known as 2003 Citroen Xsara Picasso

Responsible spending? Tsk, no can do. But what I can do is a 2005 Renault Twingo

Haha bad financial decisions go brrrrr, in other words, I bought a fucking 1991 Daihatsu Charade 1.3 16 Valve

For some reason I also bought a 2000 Seat Cordoba Vario with the indestructible 1.9 SDI

‎You can’t fix perfection, that’s why I also got a 2002 Seat Cordoba 1.4 MPI

I traded my 2002 Seat Cordoba for a lovely Italian convertible, the 2007 Piaggio Fly

Small dick energy car, 1999 BMW 316i with broken everything

This is my Jinan Qingqi QM50QT-6 or Digita50 Euro4, crazy how the same vehicle has many names.

The paintjob adds 10hp

I paid 1250€ in dealership for it and it has 1 year warranty, once the warranty is over it’s going to be sold. If this thing lasts a year it’s a miracle.

I like to call it chinese shit moped because it’s always broken and also needs a shit ton of oil. It has a 49cc engine. 5,5l fuel tank and I need to refuel it once every 65km. It goes whopping 40km/h (25mph) although it’s supposed to go 45km/h (about 30mph).

you have bought a two-stroke moped

it drinking oil is to be expected


No it’s 4-stroke.

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huh… i stand corrected then

Got bored and googled it. Came across this bit of absolute poetry from the manual regarding the oil:

Homeless people: Can’t find any food? Just eat some better food.


It makes fun sound when the plastic scrapes on every right turn.

White stripes. right?

Today I met angry van driver.

Van Driver: “There’s plastic scraping the ground on your moped”
Me: “Fuck you”

So, I fixed it.
Here’s before and after photos.



Fixed it for ya


As the winter is coming and I couldn’t find warm place for my chineseshitmoped to stay in, I am selling it. I was going to sell it after winter but this became better option.

It’s currently listed for 800€. Fair price for scooter that has been used for less than a year and is mechanically in good condition.

For some reason (wonder why) no one was willing to pay 800€ for a shitty scooter. So, I took it for a ride, hit a cyclist, and broke the left mirror.


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Since the scooter started making weird noises, I decided to sell it.

Sold to some nice guy for 150€.

I’m a simple man, I see scooter that I like, I buy it.

And now I own 2009 Yamaha Neos. Only 600€, driven 14k km.

Compared to my old scooter, it’s a huge upgrade, even though it is older. This one has

  • Smoother (and faster) acceleration
  • Higher top speed (52 km/h)
  • Transmission shifts more smoothly
  • Better suspension
  • More comfortable seat, and I also have more legroom
  • Easier to steer at low speeds
  • Pretty damn nice digital speedometer:


  • Horn doesn’t work
  • It’s scary to steer at high speeds
  • And the speedometer clock is 10 minutes ahead

And that pretty much sums up my experience based on ~50km of driving


Since the plastic was all faded and gray, I decided to clean it with a bit of canola oil.

Looks almost like new now

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Inflation or depreciation?

It would be more interesting if the scooter was electric, not gasoline.

That’s very good idea, however all the electric scooters in my budget had range of ~50km, which is not enough for my commute.

I can easily agree with that. Your previous one was badly built, and felt like it.

It was time to buy new tires.

And because I don’t have a car…

I had to drive them home from the tire shop like that, it was only 5km. People were watching.

Oh, and the horn started magically working again. Some wires probably weren’t connected.


Accident happened

But it could have been easily avoided if I would have installed those new tires earlier.

Better late than never.

Also got front brake pads replaced, they were fairly fucked.

I bought a goddamn car.

It’s not the car I wanted, but it’s the car I bought. 1.6 8V, absolutely no power but the insurance is cheap.

The doors are awfully long so parking is pain in the ass, but to be fair, I wanted hatchback.

Despite it being the bare base model, it has power mirrors, heated front seats and passenger side airbag.

And the air conditioning doesn’t work.
And I can also hear some weird noise. Probably rear suspension.